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Up lateearly need to chat

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OfficeChqtOfficeOfficeOffice In this article Summary How you bind to an Automation server can affect many things in your program, such as performance, too, and maintainability. This article explains the types of binding available to Automation clients, and weighs both sides of each method. It is the basis for most cross-component communication used in languages such as Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications, and has become a normal part of most programs.

Historically, an Automation object is any object that supports the IDispatch interface. This interface allows clients to call methods and properties at run time without having to know the exact object they are communicating with at de time; a process called late binding. Today, however, the term Automation object can be applied to virtually any COM object, even those that do not support IDispatch and therefore cannot be late bound.

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This article assumes the chah you are Automating supports both binding methods. What is binding? Binding is a process of matching function calls written by the programmer to the actual code internal or external that implements the function. It is done when the application is compiled, and all functions called in code must be bound before the code can be executed.

To understand the process, think of "binding" in terms of publishing a book. Imagine your code is like the text of the book where in a certain paragraph you have written something like "see chapter 12, x for more details. You wait for the book to be "bound" before you can reference other parts of the book. Binding software is similar. Your code is made up of parts that need to be pulled together before the code can be "read.

For COM objects, the address is a memory offset in a table of pointers called the v-table held by the object.

When a COM function is bound, neee is bound through the v-table. The structure of a COM object is simple. When your code holds a reference to an object, it holds an indirect pointer to the top of the v-table. The v-table is an array of memory addresses where each entry is a different function that can be called on that meed. To call the third function on a COM object, you jump down three entries in the table and then jump to the memory location given there.

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That executes the code for the function and, when complete, returns you back ready to execute the next line of code. When you need to free an object, your code calls the third function in the v-table IUnknown::Release. Fortunately, this work is done by Visual Basic behind the scenes. You said, I come back and get you give me a minute. Nfed not a back up.

What what? Alright, here we go part two. I can't see it, I didn't get the citizen. Way to go. He started you started it. Excuse me.

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I'm kinda Facebook right now. There we go, we live here we go.

People backing him. Sorry guys. We have a little technical difficulty, but we are here we are back in the building.

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Okay, as Ul was saying, the question was asked about that what I like about women The essence of a woman I like the whole I don't know something about lateeagly confident woman. I like my uniform to care about women. I love a woman that backpack is so confident about everything about ourselves. Whether she be, he may be physically not to what society think that she should be not looking at the outside.

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No more. I'm just saying no that looks like it. Woman doesn't care about what society right right right? ❶I don't mind. Watch What you say and how you say it. When you need to free an object, your code calls the third function in the v-table IUnknown::Release. That's open. I'm talking to him and he work for it and she telling you he ain't given at the time and attention you know what I'm saying.

Let me say this to you before I say lateeaely I'm saying, see I got the women agreed on this one. Historically, an Automation object is any object that supports the IDispatch interface.

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